Rhonda B. Casselman


Licensed Private Investigator

Unlike many law firms, Casselman & Henderson has an in-house licensed Private Investigator. Ms. Casselman has tirelessly investigated cases alongside Mr. Casselman for decades. If there are little known facts about a case, she will likely be the one to find them.

Anna Nelson

 Anna  Assistant

Ms. Nelson began her career with the firm in 2009, and was welcomed back gladly after a brief hiatus in early 2012. She excels in communication and assists with the preparation of both family and criminal cases.

Dana Robbe

Dana  Assistant

Ms. Robbe joined the firm in 2010. She is extensively involved in the day-to day-to-day operations of the firm and is a valued resource both for the clients and the attorneys. Ms. Robbe is highly organized, efficient, and capable.